The Alco company was founded in 2004. in Maciejowice in the commune of Grójec.
Powiat grójecki is a region that is famous for its fruit-growing. The multitude of fruit farms and the apples on sale.
We buy and sell fruit.
We work with contractors.
We have extensive experience in the production of fruit of various apple varieties. We are happy to help you. Grójec region.
In terms of buying apples, we are able to deliver the highest quality product.
Large warehouse facilities that have the ability to match the buyer’s needs. We provide full service in the implementation of apples.
We meet the standards of European Union directives.
We have a wide range of products for sale. We have a wide range of products.

Apple transport
We provide transport and delivery.
We always care about the highest quality of fruits and vegetables.
The export of apples from Grójec ALCO is carried out, among others Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Germany.
We invite you to contact us.